Monday, April 25, 2011

Worldbuilding A to Z: T and U

Here I go again. We're getting near the end of the alphabet so it's time to use convoluted terminology as an excuse to talk about simple concepts under a different letter. Short and sweet today.

T is for Technology

Or what kind of science will the people of Akhet have?  Following the example of Ancient Egypt, the people of Ahket (Akhetians? Haven't decided yet.) will be practical. They are not interested in theoretical science, only what is applicable to their society and religion. Like the Egyptians, they will be knowledgeable in medicine, architecture, agricultural science, ship building and navigation, mathematics and geometry and most importantly astronomy. The oldest known books on Alchemy were written by a Hellenistic Egyptian and he
claimed that the priests had practiced it since ancient times though there is no real evidence of this. I may at some point explore this idea in a future work, but not in my current WIP.

U is for Urban Centers

Also known as cities. The city was a very important social construct in Ancient Egypt. The city of your birth was where you identified as your home, where your loyalty and your heart remained throughout your life. The primary god who was worshiped in your city's temple would be your primary god as well.  Above all, the city of your birth was where you wanted to be buried so that your family could continue to tend your tomb after your death.

Likewise, I am making cities prominent in Akhet's civilization. I am borrowing the Ancient Egyptian names for my cities such as Menfe, Nekhen, and Abdju. The main location of the story will be the city of Iunu named after the Ancient Egyptian city where Re was worshiped, also known as Heliopolis. Iunu in my world will cover a large island and the city its self will revolve around the huge Temple of Re where my main characters carry out their priestly duties.


  1. You have the most extensive backstory and world-building facts. It's going to be interesting to see how you weave it all into your story.

  2. I love the term "urban centers" for cities!

  3. Thanks. It's certainly going to be a challenge. It's one thing to build the world and quite another to weave it through the narrative without bogging it down in detail. But I intend to explore it all slowly over several novels.

  4. Totally fascinated by concepts of alchemy and science in ancient cultures. A book that I felt really used that type of information to its fullest was Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card. It's a sequel to "Ender's Game" and deals extensively with primitive cultures and their science and theology. (And it's a Sci-Fi novel!)

    Anywho, I agree with LG. Can't wait to see how you put all of this together. Great start, without a doubt!


  5. I like the world building that's going on here. It will make for a convincing and authentic story.

  6. Very interesting world you're creating. I've always had an interest in ancient Egyptian culture, so it will be fun to see where you go with all of this.

    Good luck on the remainder of the A to Z Challenge!

  7. Technology is a great subject, tying so intimately to urban.


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