Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogging A to Z Schedule

Here's my planned schedule for my worldbuilding posts (arranged A to Z for the challenge) for the next month. Every post will pertain to the worldbuilding I have done for my fantasy realm of Akhet based on Ancient Egypt.

April 1: A is for Akh- a glimpse at a different kind of person-hood.
April 2: Ba is for Ba- how this aspect of the Egyptian soul is used as part of my magic system.
April 3: Sunday- No Post
April 4: C is for Cuisine- what do people in Akhet eat?
April 5: D is for Duat- the nature of the Netherworld.
April 6: E is for Education- how and where and what do the people of Akhet learn?
April 7: F is for Fashion- the clothes of Akhet!
April 8: G is for Geography- how closely does Akhet model Egypt?
April 9: H is for History- Even imaginary countries need a history.
April 10:Sunday: No Post
April 11: I is for Industry- what do the people of Akhet make?
April 12: J is for Justice- how the law works in Akhet.
April 13: K is for Ka- another important part of the person and what it means.
April 14: L is for Language- the challenge of using Egyptian as the basis of names.
April 15: M is for Monuments- an important part of the belief system.
April 16: N is for Nomes- how Akhet is divided into political regions.
April 17: Sunday- No Post
April 18: O is for Other Races- the quintessential question of fantasy: Elves or no Elves?
April 19: P is for Politcs- how Akhet is governed.
April 20: Q is for... actually, I haven't thought of this one yet.
April 21: R is for Religion- the beliefs of the most pious of peoples.
April 22: S is for Social Strata- rich vs poor?
April 23: T is for Technology- what kind of science will you find in Akhet?
April 24: Sunday- No Post
April 25: U is for Urban Centers- the city as an important aspect of identity.
April 26: V is for Values- what is important to the people of Akhet?
April 27: W is for Warfare- who, where and how.
April 28: X is for eXistence- the origin story of the world.
April 29: Y is for Year- time and the seasons in Akhet.
April 30: Z is for Ze End- finishing off with an some thoughts on Akhet's place in the wider world.

That's what I've got so far and yes I realize that X is stretching it a bit and Z is a total cop out. Those last few letters are hard! And Q... well, I'm sure I'll think of something. Plenty of time for that, right?

Good luck to all the others involved in the challenge! I look forward to reading as many of the entries as I can fit in my schedule.


  1. I have a perfect idea for Q. Tell you later.

    My comment on your TWO important fantasy subjects you've touched (You neglected to tell your audience how important Cuisine is. More important than Elves? Maybe.)

    I think Elves are important to fantasy, at least, in that a race of (possibly) hidden people that are like but unlike humans, tied with the magic of the world, etc, really helps flesh out said world. Most epic fantasy has something like that, even if it's not called an elf.

    As to cuisine...Stew. Enough said.

  2. great idea. i'll be sure to check back here regularly. you're already on my "read every day" list.

    beautiful chaos

  3. That's awesome! I announced my theme, but the daily posts will be surprises.

  4. Very cool! These will be interesting posts.

  5. Sounds like you will be getting your world into focus. Great idea for a theme.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  6. Hi Sarah .. great list .. it'll be an interesting read - seeing how you word build for your ancient world .. cheers Hilary

  7. You are very organized...I love that. I have never heard the word Akh...thanks for the enlightment! I’m now following you on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog!


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