Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Ready for April...

Hello, all my wonderful friends and readers.

I have been blogging now for a bit over a year and what a year its been. I went into this knowing that blogging isn't easy and assuming that I would be talking into the void with no audience other than my husband for some time. Boy, did you guys prove me wrong.

In one year of blogging I've gain 259 followers and published 121 posts which have garnered 1415 comments. And I've been having a blast the whole time.

All of this was possible because of you, dear readers, and I cannot thank you enough. You continually give me the support and encouragement to continue this crazy journey toward publishing my work. I doubt I would have had the momentum to keep going this long if it hadn't been for this blog and the feedback I get here.

So, once again, thank you.

But now, I'm going to take a little break. I've signed up for the huge and awesome A to Z blogging challenge coming in April. It's going to be a mad month of nearly daily posts and a signup list that will almost surely be over the 1000 mark to go through. So I'm going to take these weeks leading up to the challenge off from blogging. I'm going to prepare some posts in advance and finish the short story I'm working on. Then, hopefully, I'll be ready to dive right into the insanity without loosing mine. I don't want to end up burned out afterward like last year. (Though admittedly, last year I went into it as a brand new blogger with a brand new baby. I was NOT prepared.)

So, TTFN. Ci vediamo. See you soon. 


  1. Congrats on a successful first year and good luck with the challenge! :)

  2. Thank YOU, Sarah, for being such an interesting read! I agree entirely; comments and readers are the reason I blog. Even if it's only a single comment, it means a ton.

    I took a break after my A-Z, and a pre-break isn't a bad idea either. Not going to lie, it was a looonnnngggg month of blogging. Very much worth it in terms of who you'll meet and get to know, but if you're not a daily 'poster' it is something of an undertaking.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Here's to another several hundred blog posts!


  3. We are glad you are here blogging!
    My tour feels like a practice run for this third A to Z. Only for the Challenge, I won't be composing posts the night before!

  4. You gave birth in the middle of the A to Z challenge last year and still finished. Can you believe it?

    Rest up, you'll be busy again this year...though maybe not THAT busy. :))

  5. I signed up for this A-Z thing, but I'm still not really sure about it...

  6. See you at A-Z, sounds like you are more than up to the challenge.

  7. Thanks, Miss Cole! I'll need it.

    Angela, I'm quite proud of my progress so far. :)

    E.J., thanks for thinking I'm interesting! I tend to worry about that quite a bit.

    Alex, I can't imagine doing a blog tour and then jumping right into hosting the challenge. Madness!

    L.G., I gave birth two days before last year's challenge. Fortunately I did have a handful of posts done for the beginning of the month.

    Andrew, it will surely be a lot of fun!

    Nancy, I hope so. I can't be less prepared than last year at any rate.

  8. I will be participating on the challenge, too, and I'm already working on my posts. It's going to be a crazy month, april, but I'm sure I'll get to know more great, wonderful people, and hopefully win a few new followers. Good lucy to you, too. Can't wait to see what you write about!

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress.

  9. Welcome to A to Z! I'll try to pop by and see what you're up to in April!

  10. Hi Sarah, I'll be joining you on the journey. :)

  11. Good luck on the A-Z Journey! It is a fun ride. I won't be joining, sadly. I'm just waaaay too busy. However, I have left you an award on my blog. Feel free to drop by later and collect it. :)


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