Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tripping the A to Z Fantastic

Well, I'm back.

(1000 points to anyone who gets the reference. Not that they're worth anything.)

Taking a break from blogging can be a great thing to do. I love blogging, but there's no getting around the fact that it's a constant demand and drain on your mental resources. Breaks are necessary for me. (After all, I'm a serious introvert.) The trick is to stay away just long enough for the feeling of relief and refreshment to turn into renewed inspiration and eagerness to get back into it.

I think that's where I am now, which is good because the A to Z Challenge begins tomorrow!

Last year I jumped into the A to Z after having blogged for only a month and a half and immediately after having a baby. (Little Corwin just turned 1 year-old yesterday.) I constantly failed to get posts up in time for each of the 26 days, but still I had a blast. So I couldn't resist diving back into the chaos again. I chose a theme last year which I really enjoyed writing about: aspects of worldbuilding and how I was implementing them in my WIP.

This year I've chosen to write about 26 aspects of the fantasy genre that make me a devoted reader and writer of fantasy. Here's what I've got planned:

April 1: A is for Adventure
April 2: B is for Belief
April 3: C is for Creation
April 4: D is for Discovery
April 5: E is for Eucatastrope
April 6: F is for the Fantastic
April 7: G is for Good vs. Evil
April 9: H is for Heroism
April 10: I is for Immersion
April 11: J is for Journeys
April 12: K is for Kingship
April 13: L is for Loss
April 14:  M is for Myth
April 16: N is for Nature
April 17: O is for Origin
April 18: P is for Perseverance
April 19: Q is for Quest
April 20: R is for  Resonance
April 21: S is for Soul
April 23: T is for Transcendence
April 24: U is for Unlimited
April 25: V is for Virtue
April 26: W is for Wonder
April 27: X is for Xenia
April 28: Y is for Yearning
April 30: Z is for Zeal

I'll have a link on my side bar under Topics of Interest (where you can also find a link to a page will all of last year's A to Z posts) for anyone who wants to easily keep up to date on my theme this year.

I hope you'll enjoy this exploration of all that is wonderful about fantasy.


  1. You were brave last year!
    Like your theme. And we kick off tomorrow with the same word for A. What are the odds?

  2. This sounds like it might be a helpful series as well as fun. Looking forward to it.

  3. Cool theme. I'd steal it if I didn't have one.

  4. On your mark.....get set.....


  5. Great theme! I look forward to reading them. You were brave diving in with a new baby. My little guy turns two in three weeks and I still wonder how I manage to find the time to do anything.

  6. Totally looking forward to your posts. As a fellow fantasy writer, I'm doing the A-Z of World Building this time. Good luck!

    1. Worldbuilding is a great topic.

      Woah, I just noticed this reply link under comments for the first time. *feels idiotic*

  7. Alex, since great minds think alike, I'd say the odds were pretty good.

    Sarah, I hope it's helpful as well!

    Andrew, your theme is great. I just wanted to go with something simple this year.

    Christine, I've been blessed this fourth time around with a truly angelically perfect baby. That's how I get stuff done, but not as much as I'd like.

  8. Cool A to Z challenge topic! Thanks for the follow at Falling For Fiction :)

  9. They look like great topics! I just found your blog a couple days ago and have been looking through the A-Z from last year. Here's hoping this year will be a bit less chaotic but just as interesting!

  10. Good luck on the A to Z, Sarah, and happy birthday (late) to your son. Love your topic selection, so will be reading as you go along.

  11. Definitely looking forward to this! I love fantasy, and love reading what draws people to stories...

  12. ... said Sam.
    Happy birthday to Corwin!
    Looking forward to seeing all the worldbuilding stuff.

  13. Tripping the light fantastic into the AtoZ world!!

    Funny...we both started blogging about the same time, and the AtoZ is what got me really going. Looking forward to reading yours.

    Tale Spinning

  14. Great stuff - I'm looking forward to reading!


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