Friday, February 11, 2011

New Beginnings

Hello, readers! Welcome to my new blog. Perhaps some of you have seen me blogging for the past few months over at wordpress. I originally chose wordpress for ease of use (I was already familiar with the controls after having blogged for a year at and aesthetics. Wordpress seems to me to have a more intimate, comfortable feel. With blogspot I get a distinctly "THIS IS THE INTERNET!" type of feeling. Also, the name wordpress just sounds so much nicer than blogspot. (I can be shallow about things like that.)

However, it has become increasingly apparent to me that blogspot has certain important advantages. As I branch out finding more blogs by writers and for writers, I've noticed that most of them are on blogspot. The follow tool on blogspot seems to be an important aspect of using blogs as a social network. In particular, it seems to be used to facilitate many of the blog tours and things that I'd like to try to get involved in this year. Since one of my main purposes in blogging was to meet and connect with other writers, it seems worthwhile to go with the site that the majority of them use and connect with.

And now that wordpress is no longer holding me back surely I will take the writing blogosphere by storm! You are all now at my mercy! Muahahaha!


Anyway, I think I've managed to set myself up here in as aesthetically pleasing a way as I can manage. I'm still exploring the ins and outs and settings. But I should be settled in completely soon. I'll probably cross post with the wordpress site for a while at least. You can find the posts on that site here:

What can you expect from this particular blog?

I am in the beginning stages of writing my first fantasy novel. My intent is to chronicle my journey as a worldbuilder and storycrafter. I'll be posting about working on my world and my novel as well as general thoughts about writing, books and publishing. None of it is meant to be advice. I'm certainly not experienced enough for that. This is just an account of my personal journey to become a fantasy novelist. I hope you will find it at least mildly entertaining. Please make yourself comfortable and inundate me with comments. Let's get to know each other and maybe spark some interesting conversations.


  1. Yes, the Followers and Blog Roll add-ins are so easy on Blogger (sorry you don't like its aesthetics!). I read recently that all good blogs should have the Subscription add-in also, so that users can easily subscribe to your blog if they wish.

  2. I'm getting used to the aesthetics, but I'll probably play around with the blog's look for a while until I figure out all the options I have. The follow thing is so handy! I didn't know it gave you a list of new posts for anyone you follow on your dashboard. Very nice. Thanks for the tip on adding a subscribe option. Found it. Honestly, it's amazing how computer illiterate I am considering how much time I spend on the darn thing. But I'm learning. :)


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