Thursday, August 11, 2011

What does your writing look like?

The other day I made a post that asserted that authors must write whatever way feels natural to them, not the way Editors and Agents and so called writing experts tell you to write. (When they tell you to write a certain way.) And I said that, for instance, when authors are told to write "lean prose" (like Hemingway) against their instincts and their voice, they will often strive for this:

but end up with this:

On the other hand it's perfectly possible to strive for this:

but end up with this:

Are you scared yet?

But I don't actually want to get into a long debate about prose styles today. I want to know about you.

What does your writing look like? What do you want it to look like? And do the two match yet? Do you think you're trying to write against your grain because of advice you've received? Or do you try to let your creative brain take over completely and do what's natural? Are you happy with your prose?

For myself, I think I'd like my writing to look like this:

with a bit of this:

and maybe some of this:

But I'll admit, I'm NOWHERE near there yet. I know I've got a long way to go and the only way to get there is practice, practice, practice. (Just one reason I like joining blogfests that make me write something. The challenge really stretches my writing muscles.) I may have a long way to go to get where I want to be (and since I'm a perfectionist I'm not exactly making it easy on myself. See photos above) but I know that I am making progress every time I sit down an write. That thought makes me happy and keeps me going. As well as the encouragement I've received here every time I post something I've written. (Writing bloggers rock!) One day I'll have Sophia Loren writing. I just know it.

So how about you? Feel free to make your own post on the subject if you want to include hot pictures. ;)


  1. Can...can we put the kids back in their rooms and go up to bed now?

  2. My eyes are still bleeding from the Rosie photo...
    I think my writing matches me, although I'd like it to be more riveting. Maybe more descriptive as well.

  3. I want my writing to look curvy and a bit naughty like Kate Winslet, or maybe a bit elegant and sensual like Catherine Zeta-Jones. I hope it looks that way after the revisions, but the first draft might look like something from a B movie.

  4. I think I'd like your writing plenty..! Clever metaphor; one to think about.

  5. I'm sorry I was distracted. What was the question, again? ;)

  6. *pointedly ignores Brian's suggestion*

    Alex, I have trouble with description as well. Dialogue is what I'm best at, I think.

    Christine, oh, Kate Winslet is a fantastic choice! It never hurts to aim high.

    Porky, I hope everyone will like it, but it's not Sophia Loren yet. ;)

  7. Liked it so much I gave you an award! Stop on by for details. Congrats!!!

  8. I'd like to be more descriptive without bulldozing right over everything. i still need to show, not tell, but I am working on that bad little habit. ;)

  9. ..........

    sorry, what? I was paying attention the entire time...

    I want my writing to look like Old Spice Guy, whereas right now it looks like Star Wars Kid :P

  10. Haha! Rebecca is right, that is a string of funny photos. Great post. I write what I feel is right. I wouldn't mind looking like--I mean having my writing look like Sophia. She still looks amazing.

  11. Great thoughts. What DOES my writing look like? I will have to think on that one.


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